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Sewage Treatment

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A sewage treatment plant can solve many drainage disposal problems when you are unable to connect to the main sewer. We can assess your individual site and advise if a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant would be suitable. There are often a number of factors to consider and from our wealth of experience we normally find that different schemes can be considered.

Where connection to mains sewerage is not available, a sewage treatment plant can provide an effective and efficient solution. Increasing concern for the environment and new regulations has led many people to opt for a treatment plant rather than a traditional
Septic tank system.

Treatment plants use the action of natural aerobic bacteria to clean sewage effluent to a level much higher than that obtained through septic tanks. This reduces the possibility of damage to soak away and treatment systems are particularly useful where soil has a low porosity.

For information about the size of treatment plant your property may require, contact us for free advice

When considering a new system, it should be noted that any discharge, from either a septic tank or treatment system, is subject to a discharge consent approval from the Environment Agency. You can download guidance notes and an application form for consent to discharge from the EA website.


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